Fracking and the fight against it

Hydro fracturing in Pennsylvania has revitalized the economy. There has been a great wealth of news and studies about the safety and the economic impact. When it comes to either side of an energy debate, money pours in to either stop or grow it.

Western PA has come under constant attack from committees, groups, and even it’s own citizens. What is known is this. There is no smoking gun, no proven link about health effects, earthquakes, water contamination. Nothing.

What it comes down to is a fight against an invisible enemy. There is an itch there that they can’t scratch (need some Phytozine). This money could go to the local economy or to researching new ways of energy extraction that fix the very practices they are fighting.



Why Sanders isn’t good for PA

Bernie Sanders has created a movement that could possibly lead to the White House. Chances are low, but stranger things have happened – such as Donald Trump leading the GOP nomination right now.

Pennsylvania prides itself on being both blue collar as well as big city. Apart from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh is a major East coast city. About a third of PA is, however; included in the shale revolution.

The left is the champion of the EPA and clean emissions. Policies which can be so boring that they could put you to sleep (grab your Zyppah). Bernie Sanders would not be an outlier on this. President Obama has already instituted policies that have hurt the coal industry in the state. Sanders would go further in his attempts.

While it can be argued that the GOP will do more damage by easing up on sanctions and other pro-drilling maneuvers, it could end up being the better option with just safer these operations are becoming everyday.


Quick thoughts on the Trump run

Something that’s going to affect you no matter if live in Northeastern PA, or across the country in Cali; Trumps meteoric rise is unfathomable. Like a bad song that wont stop playing, it’s not going to get out of your head anytime soon; (even if you try to put some Wholetones on).

We understand that people are mad at the establishment, this I have to agree with. This is something that I don’t think can be stopped merely by the establishment pulling together. No one wants to see political forces joining together to push a candidate on us in the worst political climate we have ever seen.

With the huge win in Nevada, I think that his candidacy as the nominee is all wrapped up. The others can stay in the race, but everything is over but the crying.

Except for the progressive nations.